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 FCS Networker

What Is FCS Networker?

FCS Networker is from Dan Pfeffer. It is the greatest web 2.0 & social link building software to build & manage your individual network. It provides you with full control over your backlink building & web promotion in a method that no other product or service has. It helped numerous end users rank 1000’s of websites on the first page of Google while also making a massive social presence which we all believe is very essential for any web site nowadays.

FCS Networker is one of the best backlink building & web promotion tools available on the market. Not like other tools that promote your site at poor quality websites. FCS Networker uses websites that people actually use like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter etc. Stop generating spammy one page sites that all look the same. Stop building backlinks from low quality sites that nobody uses, stop using outdated tools which “USED” to work. This software was developed upon the proven strategies that actually work! FCS Networker is also Penguin & Panda friendly, unparalleled control, over your backlink building campaigns, and cutting edge.

Now combine all that with a lifetime membership to the highly recommended SEO course and private community “Full Control SEO” and you’ll have the strongest ranking system all at your finger tips.

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What Make FCS Networker Different?

With almost backlink building software you have to trade off the quality for the automation and ease of use. With FCS Networker,  you can gain top quality web properties as well as the advantages of rapid web automation.

Google uses social signals and backlinks as a huge part of their ranking algorithm. Google tracks all the websites that link to your site and uses that to assist them to decide how high your website should be ranked. You would say, “So just get more links”. Well it is not so exactly… Over the years Google are becoming smarter and smarter and now after the two most significant algorithm updates like Panda & Penguin they’re focusing on quality than ever before. And this means we want the backlinks come to our website to be on quality webpages which have trust and a good link juice. This is exactly where FCS Networker comes in.

FCS Networker targets on quality document sharing sites, web 2.0 blogging sites and only the cream of the crop social sites. You could see some other similar softwares which have lots of bookmarking sites or wiki sites as an example… Most of the time though these websites are sites that no one uses. Which means you end up receiving tons of garbage backlinks on spammy sites. FCS Networker only uses sites that “real” people use and that Google trusts. This is really the true secret in order to ranking success nowadays.

FCS Networker does realize that if a website is popular it likely does not have only one backlink from a particular web 2.0 site. Lets take Twitter & Tumblr for example. These are two of the most popular websites on the internet. If your money site gained in popularity it would almost certainly have backlinks from a variety of Twitter & Tumblr user pages. You would not normally see a popular website only having one share from one Twitter account right? Definitely not! There would be a lot of users sharing the link, and there would be many Tumblr users linking to the site also. This seems to be natural and is truly the key to increasing your rankings.

If you have tried other web 2.0 software, you could see the way they works is restrict you to having one Tumblr account per submission. But FCS Networker works on another way, it enables you to submit to as many of your accounts as you want. This really help your linking look natural by getting multiple backlinks from multiple powerful domains on different user accounts. Google loves this! Bing loves this! Not only that, you are also building your websites reputation as well as exposure online.

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Why You Need FCSNetworker?

Following are some reasons that you should need FCSNetworker to boost your sites ranking:

  • FCS Networker can do all the annoying work from creating to updating accounts/profiles, so it can save you a lot of your time.
  • Distribute your content to web 2.0 and social sites effectively.
  • Manage and grow your backlink network efficiently.
  • Manage and update your Private Blog Network easily.
  • Save your hard earned money by letting your virtual assistant go or significantly reducing your spending on basic SEO services.

A very important factor that fully sets FCS Networker apart from its competitors are the sites it can build links on. FCS networker supports over 120 sites including web 2.0, social sites and PDF sharing sites. No other auto software can build backlinks on a lot of high PR, high quality and high traffic sites like that. FCSNetworker isn’t only a link-building software but also an efficient SEO campaign management software that can retain you much more organized and super effective.

FCSNetworker is one of the very few back-linking software that allows you to create safe tier 1 backlinks. Also, it gets continuously up to date to add in more sites and to ensure that the success rate for creating accounts and submitting your content is close to 90%.

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